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Inter-agency Field Manual on Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings: 2010 Revision for Field-testing

Please see below for links to download the Field Manual in English, Arabic, Bahasa, Dari, French and Spanish, and details of the field review process and ordering hard copies.


The 2010 Inter-agency Field Manual on Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings is an update of the 1999 Reproductive Health in Refugee Situations: An Inter-agency Field Manual, the authoritative guidance on reproductive health interventions in humanitarian settings.

Click here to download the 1999 Reproductive Health in Refugee Situations: An Inter-agency Field Manual.

The 2010 version provides additional guidance on how to implement the Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) for Reproductive Health, a minimum standard of care in humanitarian response. It also splits the original chapter on HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) into two separate chapters to accommodate new guidance on HIV programming. A new chapter on Comprehensive Abortion Care has been developed to cover more than post-abortion care. The chapters on Program Design, Monitoring and Evaluation and Adolescent Reproductive Health have been placed earlier in the manual to address the cross-cutting nature of these topics. Information on human rights and legal considerations has been integrated into each of the thematic chapters to ensure that program staff can address rights-related concerns.

The updated information is based on normative technical guidance of the World Health Organization. It also reflects the good practices documented in crisis settings around the world since the initial field-test version was released in 1996. The latest edition reflects the wide application of the Field Manual’s principles and technical content beyond refugee situations, extending its use into diverse crises, including conflict zones and natural disasters.

Download the entire publication

You may download the publication via the links below. For your convenience these documents are also available as a single download (4.12Mb) in Winzip , or as a single pdf file PDF File.

Download the IAFM in Arabic here, in Bahasa here, in Dari here, in French here and in Spanish here.
Click here for more details of the Reproductive Health Kits referenced in Chapter Two, and here for spreadsheets calculating the relevant statistics and quantities for the kits.
Field Review Process
The survey is now available in Arabic.

You can also complete the Field Review in English, in French, and in Spanish.

To view the complete Field Review process guidelines, please click here.

The 2010 Field Manual will be field-tested for approximately one year to examine its clarity, applicability and usability for reproductive health programming in humanitarian settings. To date, an estimated 8,000 Field Manuals have been distributed to the field in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. There will be two components to the field review: an online survey and the other qualitative workshops.

1. Online Survey
The online survey gauges relevant actors on their opinions regarding the clarity, comprehensibility, “implementability” and “actionability” of the revised Field Manual. The survey is intended for those coordinating (program managers, reproductive health coordinators) and implementing reproductive health services (medics, nurses, midwives, physicians, etc.) and other relevant staff from international and local NGOs, government and UN agencies.

Instructions for completing the survey can be found in the survey itself. The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. The survey will be open throughout Summer 2011 to give ample time for staff to read and apply the Field Manual to their specific setting. We highly encourage staff to have used the Field Manual for several months before completing the survey, as otherwise not all questions can be answered. All information provided will be kept confidential. Participation is voluntary and consent to participate will be presumed for those who respond to the survey questions.

The Arabic survey is here.
The English survey is here.

Alternatively, if you have an unreliable internet connection, the English survey is accessible in pdf here. Please note that the survey cannot be completed in pdf format so this is for informational purposes only.

The French survey, Evaluation du Manuel de terrain Inter-organisations sur la Santé Reproductive en Situations de Crise, is here.
The Spanish Survey, Evaluación del Manual de Trabajo Interinstitucional sobre Salud Reproductiva en Escenarios Humanitarios, is here.

For questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the IAWG Field Manual steering committee at info@iawg.net.

2. Qualitative Workshops
Qualitative workshops with practitioners are planned in six locations to assess the Field Manual’s applicability in varied humanitarian contexts. While the aim is the same as the survey, the qualitative workshops are expected to better address more contextualized questions, such as the extent to which the Field Manual can meet the needs of different types of emergencies, displacement contexts and transition processes.

More information on the dates and locations of the workshops will be available in late 2010. The workshops will be convened beginning in 2011, once agencies have had several months to employ the Field Manual in their particular settings.

Hard Copies

If you would like to order hard copies of the Field Manual in English, French or Spanish for your agency, please email Catherine Bornand. Please specify the amount of each language you would like.

For those requesting more than two copies of the English and/or French Field Manuals for the Africa Region, please contact SPRINT Africa with IAFM included in the subject line.

The request should contain:
- Quantity needed
- Language (French or English)
- Contact person (name, email and telephone)
- Address
- Urgent or normal request

For up to two copies, please contact your local UNFPA office.

To order hard copies in Arabic or Bahasa, please email Jeanette Zouiten.

Agencies are welcome to use or adapt the accompanying cover letter to distribute the Field Manual to your staff and colleagues. The letter is available in English in Word and pdf, in French in Word and pdf and in Arabic in Word and pdf.

Regional Launches

Launch of IAWG Field Manual in New York City:
On 28 February 2011, The Permanent Missions of Australia and Indonesia to the UN and partners of the Inter-agency Working Group (IAWG) on Reproductive Health in Crises hosted the U.S. Launch of the Inter-agency Field Manual on Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings on the occasion of the 55th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women. The launch was supported by several co-organizers including CARE, Columbia University, International Rescue Committee, JSI Training and Research Institute, Save the Children, UNFPA, and the Women’s Refugee Commission. Welcoming remarks at the New York City event were made by Ambassador Gary Quinlan, the Permanent Representative of Australia to the UN, Ambassador Hasan Kleib, the Permanent Representative of Indonesia to the UN, and Purnima Mane, the Deputy Executive Director of UNFPA. The speakers included Sandra Krause, Reproductive Health Program Director at the Women’s Refugee Commission; Dr. Grace Kodindo, Assistant Professor at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health; and Ashley Wolfington, Reproductive Health Specialist at the International Rescue Committee. The speakers highlighted the important role the manual has played in guiding interventions in humanitarian settings, and encouraged people to promote its use and join in the collaborative effort to improve its efficacy in the field. Click here for the program.

IAFM Launch NY

Launch of IAWG Field Manual in Bangkok:
On 14 September 2010, the Australian Government, in partnership with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched the revised, field test version of the Inter-Agency Field Manual on Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings in Bangkok. This was the first regional launch for the global rollout of the Manual. Speakers included H.E. James Wise, Australia’s Ambassador to Thailand; Dr Cynthia Maung and Sophia Hla from the Mae Tao Clinic; Dr Pinit, Senator Standing Committee on Public Health and Secretary General of the Asia Forum for Population and Development; Dr Anna Whelan, IPPF-East South East Asia and Oceania Regional Director; and Mr Najib Assifi, UNFPA’s Deputy Director from the Asia and Pacific Regional Office. The agencies expressed their support for the Field Manual and for ensuring RH needs are addressed in humanitarian emergencies.

IAFM launch Bangkok
L-R: Mr Assifi, Dr. Pinit, Dr. Whelan, H.E. James Wise


Details of further regional launches coming soon.

Corrections to the Field Manual

Please consult the corrections to the Field Manual here on a periodic basis to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information.